Product Innovation for Active Living

A Canadian based consultancy firm that works with large and small businesses in the active living market. We revitalize or develop innovative programs and services that improve people’s health, wellness and quality of life.

We Drive Results.

Our Services

Consulting Services

  • Project management
  • Program/product innovation related to active living
  • Curriculum development and implementation

Media Services

  • With over twenty years of combined live broadcast experience, LifeSports has what it takes to develop your ideas from paper to screen.
  • Video Production: Promotional videos showcasing product innovations for active living
  • Digital Video Tool to stream across multiple social media platforms.

Training Services

  • Workshops and speaker series on a variety of healthy living topics.

Our Success

Since 2004, LifeSports has been working to help increase staff and student productivity by promoting the health and wellness benefits of active living. We are proud to have partnered with the following companies:

Featured Success Story:

Our Team

Janet Omstead’s undeniable energy for health and wellness applies to organizations and individuals. Janet’s passion is showing companies how they can increase customer engagement and revenue through innovative products and services for the active living market.

Janet is a respected Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, a proud New Balance Toronto Ambassador and Media Professional. As a former researcher and associate producer at CTV Sports, Janet developed numerous feature segments, highlighting Olympic athletes and their amazing talents. Her production expertise is a valuable asset towards all of LifeSports’ multimedia projects.

Kym Grippo's positive approach to solving tough problems has changed the way companies view physical activity and the impact it has on their productivity and satisfaction as a result.

With the personal motto "Changing the way the world plays every day," this high-energy professional has embraced her background in television, media production and program innovation. As a proud New Balance Toronto Ambassador, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Personal Trainer and savvy media specialist, it's no wonder LifeSports has become the go to resource for helping active living brands get great results.

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